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The Providence Group of Gold Mines is located in the Summerville Mining District, Tuolumne County, California, upon the eastern belt of the “Mother Lode” District.

Within this belt are a number of the well-known, rich producing mines of California, including the Black Oak Mine, the Soulsby Mine, the Dead Horse Mine, the New Albany Mine, the Star King Mine and others from which many millions of ounces in gold have been taken. In the “Mother Lode” district, the general reports are that the mineralization increases in value with depth.

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“The Providence Group of Gold Mines” consists of the Providence, McCarthy, Bonita, Consuelo, Mexican, Fair Play, and Good enough Mines Patented claims.


Documentation shows that these mines were for many years profitably worked and were rightly regarded as one of the best mining Camps within the eastern belt of the “Mother Lode” District.

Gold Opportunity

In 1907, at which time the former manager was reported to be milling profitable high grade ore from the tenth and eleventh levels.

Industrial Testimonials

Providence Sits on 6 High Grade Gold Mines from Yesteryear.” (Click here to read more on 321GOLD)

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