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“The Providence Group of Mines” consists of the Bonita, Consuelo, Fair Play, Goodenough Mines, McCarthy, Mexican, and Providence Patented claims. Documentation shows that these mines were for many years profitably worked and were rightly regarded as one of the best mining Camps within the eastern belt of the “Mother Lode” District. It is historically reported that owing to differences between the former owners and their then -manager, “the property was shut down in the midst of active and profitable operations”.

At that time, over 100 years ago, the lower levels of the mines were allowed to fill with water, which remain flooded to this day, and the lower eight levels were never reopened. Thus, conditions of the workings in these lower levels are in the same condition that they were in when the operations ceased in 1907, at which time the former manager was reported to be milling profitable high grade ore from the tenth and eleventh levels. At the same time development work had been completed on the twelfth level into good bodies of mineralization.

Longitudinal Cross Section. Historical Shafts & Levels


PHD Underground Modelling

Vein Leaving Drift

Surface Geology